Introducing the NEW Seaward Kayaks HALO SR-130.


Outstanding performance, outstanding style! The Seaward SR series are the ultimate recreational kayaks.


Designed to give kayakers comfort and stability with agile, yet reassuring handling, the Halo SR130 will make your adventures memorable. Experienced paddlers and those looking to develop their skills will appreciate the HALO SR130's potential. This is a light, fun kayak! Quality and the multitude of features associated with a Seaward kayak come standard.


The ergonomic cockpit with our industry leading 5-Way Adjustable Seat will fit a wide range of paddlers. The new day hatch is within easy reach, as is the optional automatic deployable rudder. Sharing many features with Seaward's legendary touring kayaks, the HALO SR130 also comes with safeHatches for storage & a full compliment of safety lines & bungee cords on deck.


Inspired by the very latest in advanced hull design Seaward has crafted a fast, stable kayak that tracks effortlessly & ensures a 'dry ride.' The Halo SR130 is already gaining praise from Seaward's extended family of paddlers.


Rough Water Ready – Beginner Friendly!


The Seaward HALO SR130 – available now.



Standard Features

Three Hatches

Sealed Bulk Heads

End Pours

UHMW Keel Guards


5 - Way Adjustable Seat

Adjustable Backrest

Rudder Stay-with Tie Down

Recessed Deck Fittings

Thigh Braces

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13' 24" 13” 16.5"W x 30.75"L x 13”H 144 lts 46 lbs.


All Seaward Thermoform kayaks are available in the following colours:


red mango yellow


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*All Seaward Thermoform kayaks are made from fully recyclable ABS plastic. All off cuts are sent back to the manufacturer to be reformed into new product. Seaward Kayaks is helping to Keep North America Beautiful.