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The AscentéX3, with its sleek lines and sporty appeal, is the perfect kayak to lead the group.


Recessed hatches and deck fittings create the deck's smooth look while the low deck height, 6" low backrest and curved thigh supports provide paddling comfort and optimal bracing support while edging turns.


This responsive boat tracks well with or without gear and quickly accelerates to a top cruising speed. Ideal for someone looking to develop their skills, the AscentéX3 handles gracefuly like the Quest but with less volume, rocker and length.


Standard Features

Molded Padded Seat and Backrest
Rudder Stay-With-Tie-Down
Smart Rudder System
Waterproof Cockpit Cover
Recessed Deck Fittings
Sliding Foot Pedals
Fiberglass Outside Seams
Dual Fiberglass Hatches
Fiberglass Bulk Heads
3/32 S Rudder Cables
UHMW Keel Guard
Thigh Brace Pads

Safety Features

Self Rescue System (SRS™ )
Safe Hatch System




18'5" 22.5" 14" 31"L x 16"W x 12.25"D Vol: 75 ltrs
Hatch Opening
14"L x 8.5"W
Vol: 36 ltrs
Hatch Opening
Vol: 76 ltrs
Hatch Opening
16"L x 10.5"W
187 ltrs 58 LBS.


Seaward Fibreglass kayaks are customizable with 19 colors* to choose from for the deck, deck fade, hull, seam, hatches and coaming.


ice white
signal yellow burnt orange
mandarin red fuschia burgundy navy blue
cyan light blue light teal teal aqua
dark grey black  


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Testimonials about the Ascente
"When I decide to choose a sea kayak, the choice was not easy. A lot of company now design and fabric good kayaks of all shapes, sizes and designs. To help me decide, I rented a Seaward Vision at La Randonnée... WOW ! I was very impressed and pleased with the features of this kayak. Then my choice was more precise. I looked for a less volume kayak, less drag and a little faster: The Ascenté was the choice!” Antoine Mireault, Rock Forest, QUE " ~ Antoine Mirault
"Dear Customer Service, I attended the Kayak Symposium in Port Townsend last weekend. While there I tried MANY different kayaks. I never knew that while each kayak brand looked similar, each and every one felt and handled so differently. While I found a few that I liked and was ready to purchase, I came across "Seaward Kayak's" display tent on the beach lastly. I talked with a couple of your extremely knowledgeable representatives, and after they got the profile information about me and what I was looking for, they put me into a new "Aurora." I just loved it from the moment I first sat in it. I paddled it around a bit, but the rules were no longer than a 15 minute paddle to try boats, for so many people needed to try out boats. That's too bad, 'cause I could have paddled that boat all day long. Well, to make a long story just a bit longer, I didn't purchase one boat from your company. Instead I purchased three. Now each member of our family has a boat. Two of us are experienced, but I am still an intermediate and this is where the "Aurora" is the perfect boat for me. It's built to my larger size and incredibly stable. The other two are the "Chilco" and the "Ascente." Your company is to be commended on building such fine boats at such affordable prices. Your staff I spoke with too are top notch. They are very knowledgeable as well as pleasant and have very good people skills. This was another disappointment I found with a few other kayak representatives. Keep up the good work.” Sincerely, David Tagye Monroe, WA" ~ David Tagye
"http://www.paddling.net/Reviews/showKayaks.html?manf=149" ~ Paddling.net
"It will be a pleasure Jacquie to see this picture on your weebsite or facebook. I am proud to own a Seaward Ascenté and for me its by far the best adventure kayak i ever had. " ~ Mario Roy


*Colours on website are approximate and may not necessarily match those on actual product.