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Nigel Foster is an experienced kayak designer, ocean paddler and kayak instructor. He designs elegant, responsive and purposeful sea kayaks - The Silhouette, Legend and Shadow.


The Shadow is a performance sea kayak with increased stability and solid secondary stability for crisp edged turns. The larger "keyhole" cockpit allows easy access making the Shadow and the paddler seeking a reassuring craft.


Carrying capacity for expeditions is excellent, with loading through the two large oval hatches and the "day-hatch" standard on all of Foster's designs. This kayak has become a favorite amongst instructors for its ease of making clear on-water demonstrations of paddling skills.


The Shadow is proudly manufactured by Seaward under licence from Nigel.


Standard Features

Sealed Bulk Heads
Padded Thigh Braces
Recessed Fittings
Foot Rests
Fiberglass Outside Seams
Fiberglass Bulk Heads
Knee Brace Pads


Cockpit cover.
Guzzler Footpump.
Quick Release Rescue straps




17'10" 22" 13" 31" x 16.5" Vol: 78 ltrs
Hatch Opening
16"L x 9"W
Vol: 42 ltrs
Hatch Opening
Vol: 82 ltrs
Hatch Opening
16"L x 9"W
202 ltrs 59 LBS.


Seaward Fibreglass kayaks are customizable with 19 colors* to choose from for the deck, deck fade, hull, seam, hatches and coaming.


ice white
signal yellow burnt orange
mandarin red fuschia burgundy navy blue
cyan light blue light teal teal aqua
dark grey black  


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Testimonials about the Shadow
""Dear Seaward Kayaks, Just a quick note of thanks letting you know how much appreciation I have for both the kayak I purchased from you eight years ago (a true work of art), and for your kind, stellar service...both of which are remarkable beyond belief. I've been a professional Registered Maine Sea Kayak Guide for twenty years and co-founded one of Maine's leading sea kayaking tour companies (which my partner and I decided to sell a few years ago). I have also worked carefully as a skilled craftsman throughout much of my adult life where my eye has been necessarily trained to observe even the slightest attention to detail. I only mention these things to say that I honestly perceive no flaws in your impeccably crafted Shadow. I have owned this rugged yet elegantly designed boat for eight years now, in which I have spent many and extraordinarily memorable hours and miles comfortably and reliably exploring many sections of my state's legendary coastline, and this kayak has never failed me. Last summer however, and through an unfortunate set of circumstances (which are still hard for me to think and write about), the boat actually caught fire by carelessly placed rags that ignited overnight through the strange process of spontaneous combustion (Yes. It really does happen). Needless to say, I was devastated by the occurrence of the fire and its resulting and substantial damage, and only this summer felt up to the task of beginning to repair my beloved boat. The silver lining to this story though has been the assistance and generous advice I've so graciously been given by the staff at Seaward Kayaks...Nick, Doug, and Chris most notably among them. They bent over backwards, and in countless ways, to allow me the knowledge and expertise to restore the Shadow to its original splendor. At this moment, I'm just waiting to spray on the gel coat, which hopefully will happen later this week, and then I'll be back on the water in this very-much missed boat. In hindsight, I now understand the fire actually gave me some real benefits. It not only hammered home how much this divinely crafted boat means to me...and taught me some valuable repair skills I might not have learned any other way...and made me realize how important sea kayaking is to me even though it is no longer my livelihood...but it also allowed me to come into contact with the individuals that actually created this masterpiece in the first place. It has now become easy for me to see that the spirit of these boats is comprised of much more than simply the finest materials and training that go into their construction. My hat is off to Seaward Kayaks. You are genuinely an outstanding, unique company, and I take none of your kindness for granted. With my very best regards, Ben " ~ Benjamin Thelwell" ~ Benjamin Thelwell
"I recently paddled the Seaward Shadow on a 10 day expedition around Nootka Sound. The Shadow performed very well in every condition that was thrown at it. This trip required a boat with ample carrying capacity, is built strong, and performed well in a variety of conditions. Carrying Capacity: on this trip, we brought camera gear, audio gear, and everything required to successfully camp on the West Coast of Canada in the fall. Every little bit of the 202 litre carrying capacity of the Shadow was utilized. Thanks to the oval bow and a stern hatch, gear was always easy to stow away and access. The rubber hatch covers were air tight and easy to remove, even with cold fingers, which was particularly important when accessing the massive 42 litre day hatch. Performance: while loaded, the Shadow was a pleasure to paddle, moving effortlessly through the water and seamlessly transitioning between primary and secondary stability. This boat felt right at home on an edge, allowing me to hug rock walls and enjoy the intricacies of the intertidal zone knowing that I could manoeuvre safely around almost any obstacle. On our last day, we were pushed from Yuquot (Friendly Cove) back to cougar creek by 20 knots of wind and a 2.5 meter swell. In a following sea the Shadow did not disappoint. Weather cocking was minimal and the Shadow responded beautifully to a slight edge and a stern rudder. The minimal weather cocking and manoeuvrability allowed me to enjoy the appearance of a large female Humpback whale that was feeding about 100 meters in front of us. Build: It became obvious very quickly that the Seaward Shadow was built very well. The bulk heads, foot pedals, and cockpit combing were all very reliable, functional, and strong. At 59 lbs, the Shadow is a little bit on the heavier side. Upon closer inspection it became very obvious where that extra weight came from. Seaward had reinforced areas of high wear on top of the already very strong fiberglass. Knowing that I had a boat that could stand up to rocky beach landings and dumping surf gave me a great deal of comfort. Overall I couldn’t be happier with this boat. Thanks so much to Steve and the team at Seaward kayaks for supporting the Sons of the Sea Expeditions, and meticulously crafting great boats and to Nigel Foster for designing a fantastic kayak. " ~ Lucas Poole


*Colours on website are approximate and may not necessarily match those on actual product.