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Nigel Foster is an experienced kayak designer, ocean paddler and kayak instructor. He designs elegant, responsive and purposeful sea kayaks - The Silhouette, Legend and Shadow. These kayaks have skegs and hard chines and track well. They handle all the sea's moods and give ocean paddlers supreme confidence in their sea kayak.


The Silhouette combines a sleek shape with a formidable performance. It was designed by Nigel Foster as a performance sea kayak for the smaller paddler and for those seeking a lightweight, snug-fitting day-boat.


The boat is the perfect choice for a paddler seeking a high-performance, modern design with crisp Greenland lines and easy edge turning. The cockpit is a snug fit with the low foredeck so beloved by Greenland-style enthusiasts. The Silhouette is easy tracking with a slightly longer waterline than the popular Legend.


The Silhouette features the same clean deck layout consistent with the rest of the Nigel Foster range. The compass recess is positioned in a protected place where it is visible for easy navigation. There are recessed anchor points for all lines and elastics, and three recessed hatches for stowage of equipment two large oval hatches and one offset "day-hatch" for easy access to a separate compartment behind the paddler.


The Silhouette is proudly manufactured by Seaward under licence from Nigel.


Standard Features

Sealed Bulk Heads
Padded Thigh Braces
Recessed Fittings
Foot Rests
Fibreglass Outside Seams
Fibreglass Bulk Heads
Padded Thigh Braces


Cockpit cover.
Guzzler Footpump.
Quick Release Rescue straps.




17'10" 20.5" 12" 31" x 15" Vol: 66 ltrs
Hatch Opening
16"L x 9"W
Vol: 30 ltrs
Hatch Opening
Vol: 64 ltrs
Hatch Opening
16"L x 9"W
160 ltrs 55 LBS.


Seaward Fibreglass kayaks are customizable with 19 colors* to choose from for the deck, deck fade, hull, seam, hatches and coaming.


ice white
signal yellow burnt orange
mandarin red fuschia burgundy navy blue
cyan light blue light teal teal aqua
dark grey black  


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Testimonials about the Silhouette
" I recently purchased a Silhouette made by Seaward and am extremely happy with it. It took me a little while to get used to how tight it is (I'm 5'11"), but it fits like a glove and is super reactive (edging, etc). I don't know why you don't see more of these boats out there. Seaward went well above and beyond to accommodate me and get a beautifully built kayak to me as soon as possible (and also threw in some extras). Sleek custom paint job too! I'm also "only" giving it a "9" as nothing is perfect, but it's pretty close." ~ EB
" think it is time for a review that is not 10+ years old even if the hull has not changed. I own both a Foster/Rowe Silhouette and a Seaward Silhouette. I like the cockpit on the Foster/Rowe, small ocean cockpit, no thigh braces, just roll your knees from side to side. In 2010 I traded a 2008 QCC in Kevlar for this 1990's something Silhouette. ((serial number is not readable so not sure what year the Foster/Rowe is)). I started paddling in 2007 and because of this buying/trading experience, I suggest that you paddle before you buy and see what kind of kayak suits you best. I have found that I like "greenland" style best for me. I would have saved lots of cash if I would have educated myself first and went to some "demo-days" instead of looking at a website and go "WOW, thats a pretty color" and buy it. Also, if you're new, TAKE LESSONS!! I would not be kayaking today if I would not have taken lessons. I took what seat was in the Foster/Rowe out and sit on the floor with a pad and added side pads and put some padding under the deck. I also took it to a pro and had that company do a gel-coat job and take what scratch's were on it out. Both the hull and deck are white, at first I thought I would not like the kayak but the 1st time out was enough to convince me that I would like it a lot and I do. The Seaward Silhouette is... what can I say? It's made by Seaward. Great company support. At the advice of the designer, I had Seaward build the kayak in stock form but Seaward will go the extra mile to build you a kayak to what ever way you want built. The difference between the the two are minimal. The Foster/Rowe is fiberglass with an ocean cockpit and wire operated composite made skeg. The Seaward is Kevlar, regular cockpit and slide operated stainless steel skeg. The footrest are the best I have used and adjust very easy while you sit in the cockpit. The Silhouette has been dubbed a "woman's boat", that's ok, I like woman, and at my size, 5'9" 130lb I find the Silhouette to fit me well. I will not mention anything about edging, rolling, or any paddling skills used for the Silhouette. What works for me on this kayak would be different for someone else. I have paddled a Nigel Foster Shadow and I felt like I got swallowed by a big fish and there is no way I could paddle the Shadow the same way I paddle the Silhouette. Also, if you weigh 200+lbs the Silhouette is not for you. That's why I say "paddle before you buy". Since I have owned the Foster/Rowe a few years I knew what I wanted when I ordered the Seaward because the most important part of a kayak, the hull, not color, has not changed since its birth no matter what company has made it. Also, I have made 5 day camping trips with nothing but a paddle float, water pump & water on the deck with plenty of room so I have no problems with the so called low volume as some have said. When I buy camping gear I have kayaking on my mind. The only reason I give the Silhouette a "9" is because nothing is perfect and there is always room for improvement on anything." ~ Mike Mammen


*Colours on website are approximate and may not necessarily match those on actual product.